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Friday, September 18, 2015

The World Without Humans (link)

This is interesting I would guess the results would be very similar with a very small surviving population

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Jungle

Laying here dozing, the sound of cars riding quickly through the rain.The street lights reflect pie like images off the dampen windows. They remind me of the moon lit oceans at night and the sound of the waves washing up on the shore. Paradise, warmth, safety, peace and nature. For a short while time has stopped and my problems mean absolutely nothing, no struggle, no pain. minutes pass but it seems like hours and then the serenity is broken. I hear shots fired, sirens soon follow. I awaken a little scared a little angry a little sad. (Am I hit!) : head, arms, legs chest, balls.All my parts are still there no blood and no pain.
I walk to the kitchen and take a quick drink of some cheap rum I bought at the corner store the night before. As the stale piss flavored liquid hits my gut. I realize this isn't dreamland anymore. The City, my home and my prison. How did this come to be? I moved to the middle class neighborhood to escape chaos and now it has followed me.
This place once thriving with hard working men and women. Like many industrial cities in the U.S the city I once loved has fallen. Riddled with empty buildings, business and homes. A zoo filled with angry zombie like people zooming from place to place.Driven by the ideals of the freedom of wealth connected like digital robots thru a cell phone or computer. All of them fighting for the same thing a piece of the pie the power and greed. Trying to survive in this trap, a jungle that We The People created so long ago.
The next morning I turned on the local news to see if I could find out any info on the shots that woke me the night before. Hoping to hear that it was minor incident or some kids lighting fireworks (happens quite often). There were a few shootings that night. one of them It turns out involved a fourteen year old Child that had approached a 17 year old boy and told him he wanted his bike.The 17 year year old R.O.T.C student politely refused and was shot at point blank range killing him almost instantly.
As a writer, survivalist and father of two there is not a day that passes that I don't worry about the future of our children. There are many that believe that in order to correct our mistakes we must wipe the slate clean to make room for the new. If and when Shit Hits The Fan. whether by the hand of gods, nature or humanity itself. My question is our we truly capable of learning from our mistakes in the aftermath? Will our children grandchildren and future generations follow in our destructive ways? It is the opinion of this writer that as well as prepare and protect we must never forget to teach and correct.

Kyle L. Johnson 2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Reading The Cards

Tomorrow, oh tomorrow... Sometimes I fear waking up from a nights sleep, Not knowing if this new day will be worse than the last. What cards shall I be dealt, what evils shall I face.

 This Is a battle that we face every day. I am not alone in this situation nor shall I ever be. The Joker is the card of deceit a character that has been the focus of many films, plays and books for decades.More often than not it seems that lots of us are getting dealt a bad hand in these times.

In many card games the Joker can be a disaster and cause havoc and failure. Yet in some games it is the key to success and triumph. Getting dealt a bad hand doesn't always have to mean your Screwed.

So what the heck does this mean for the survivalist or prepper? (sorry I'm trying not to curse because I dropped a few big f bombs in my last few Fuckin posts).  Don't want to piss off the good god fairing folks..

Thinking ahead and using whatever tools or resources you have available and adapting is a major key to survival. Turning junk into jewelry, water into wine, sh**# into Shineola ect, ect. Military and groups or AGENCY'S have been using a related tactic against more powerful enemies for ages.

Strength in its self creates pride and security which in turn creates negligence and weakness. The Vietnam War was a perfect example of this in some ways. Instead of feeling defeat the week are often forced to re adapt by using that weakness as a weapon.

Getting a joker can be a gift but we may just have to evaluate our hand and wait for the right opportunity to  benefit from it.Choosing to see setbacks as an open window for progress can make anyone a more prolific leader. Look at the situation from many different angles if possible get different opinions. Try your best to think logically and use feelings as a reference and not a puppeteer.
Negativity can lead to lack of effort, Lack of effort can in turn lead to loss of will. Loss of will may ultimately lead to Defeat.

Surviving is keeping the mind open to choices and changing the outcome of the game. Being a great survivalist can in turn make for a better prepper and vise-verse.

No matter the hand you have been dealt its how you choose to play the cards that may win the game when SHTF.


The Belief that the world gets better that humans can improve the world.

Saturday, February 28, 2015


In honor of my worst enemy “March” I have decided to write this. It is against my better judgement but im doing it out of respect for my family and friends. And also so that my followers can get to know a little bit more about me as a person.
This will be a long read..


In 1974 I was 2 years old and diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes. I struggled with it all my life. In 2005 i was diagnosed with Gastroparesis and Diabetic Neuropathy. And was determined permanently disabled and put on social security. I was a very hard and stubborn worker and this decision devastated me but I didn’t give up (never fucking give up!!!) . I had two wonderful sons a stepdaughter and beautiful girlfriend who i intended to marry and needed me.  Though very sick i did everything i could to provide both mental and financial support for the people i loved so much, with a big goofy smile on my face. My girlfriend was very strong loving and worked hard to be supportive in every possible way as well ( she was my fucking rock). Yes we struggled but it was a Time that tried us and made us even stronger as a family.  We pushed on…..

2006 Mom

Years had passed and things had gotten somewhat more stable for us. My mother however had gotten an infection in 2006 that nearly took her life. she was in a comma for two months and had her leg amputated from the streptococcus A virus. she was around 60 at this point. She and my much younger brother were relocated near me so that i could help take care of  her. The pressure was on, sick mom, sick me and the finances and exterior support were few and far between. 

2012 Dad

My father who had been separated from my mother for 40 yrs and re-married. He and i had re- established our relationship and become BFF’S. Most of the reason our relationship was less then perfect was my fault prior to this. I was a rebellious teenager and stubborn. We both banned together to help my mother try to pull through. Both of my parents were very well respected and important civil rights activist throughout the 70’s and 80’s. And were in positions of high power in their fields (This is a novel in itself).
My Dad had also become somewhat ill which until now i did not know to what extent. He spared me this info, he is a strong selfless man. 

Feb 2012

Mom had been in and out of the hospital she had become an alcoholic and had given up on her fight. The phone calls for help were constant, painful and trying to say the least.  Most of me and the wifeys time was spent driving the 30 mile stretch to make sure she was ok. Food, meds, hugs love and support. I tell mom ” I love you don’t die on me i need you”.  Her house was being taken along with her strength and will.  Visiting her resembled a horror movie in a crack house and brought me to tears every time.

Late Feb

Dad calls…He sounded sad and in tears he says to me ” I wish i could have been a better father if i had died a few years ago you would have been rich and could help out your mom. This scared the fuck out of me (NOT MY DAD). throughout my entire life he had never spoken to me in this way. Not you man you are are what keeps me going, My strength my support..stop that shit….(Tears).

Around February 27

The phone rings its Cindy my fathers longtime girlfriend. Cindy:  ”your father is in intensive care i found him on the floor unable to move”. He had been that way for days he had the phone but refused to call for help. Hes dying they say he may not make it threw the night……Damn!!!
Pack clothes, find someone to watch young kids, drive the 400 miles to the hospital. We arrive..family friends everywhere and love. Hes in a seduced coma and on life support. Two days pass I spend private time with him apologizing for not being a better son and telling him everything will be ok. My sisters and other family members do the same. On march first after 12:00 am he dies.
Next morning i decide to take a walk i think about everything and all the wonderful gifts my father had given me through his love for me.
The phone rings its mom, Mom in tears: I’m sorry about your father. I loved him very much and he loved you very much. Mom:  ” I’m in intensive care I may be dying”. 

Early March

We stay at my fathers and attend the service. During this time i stay in touch with mom. We head back home after clearing things up at my fathers residences.
Home, Mom is now in a drug induced coma. My mother fights for three plus weeks in and out of consciousness. In a moment of conciseness she says to me ” Im worried about your son and your brother”. I tell her, Mom i will do 150% to make sure they are ok and live great lives.  All of us had been in and out of hospitals for over a month. I had no choice but to return to work the next day scrubbing toilets for chump change at this point literally. On march 31st Hospice calls and says your mother just passed early this morning while you were at work. This will haunt me for the rest of my life. I had tried and tried to make sure i was there for her when it was over.
A year passes and I’m a hot mess. Depression sets in and i myself look to the bottom of a bottle for help (really bad idea). I did receive life insurance and IRA’s from my parents but not a ton. Bills are backed up and life’s a struggle to say the least. Most of the money I gave to friends and family that i felt needed it more than I. Plus now i had my younger brother living with me because my mothers house was foreclosed on and taken. I got a tv and that was good enough for me.
In 2013 my physical and mental health were both falling apart. After frequent doctor visits i was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. Yippy god thanks, lets see what else you can throw at me. I make bad decisions and let myself become a victim of self pity but I pushed on and handled business.
Ever other month a shut off notice was posted on the door for something and we went that Christmas without water and electricity. The stress that this put on whifey was unfair. 

End of 2013

Our relationship had become brittle to say the least, I was a drunken mess. Whifey was having health problems that were getting worse and the doctor suggested an MRI. um cool but no health insurance, $5000 plus. She got help and scraped the money together (very strong smart women).  Two days later we went to the doctor to find out what was going on. Doctor: "Do you have insurance and good support?"….. I’m sorry but it appears that you are in the late stages of Multiple Sclerosis. Mam you need to act quickly you have multiple lesions on your brain. You may end up paralyzed and blind within months. No!!! No!!! No!!!... Till this day she does not know that I came home drunk that night and had a loaded 12 gauge in my mouth. I’m sorry I gave up honey.
The fact that she needed me now more than I needed her was what made me put the gun down. 
Our medical bills were at a gastronomic level. Within a few months she left me for someone else. I do not blame her. I believe that she did not want to put me through the pain of taking care of her and watching her suffer. Especially with my health condition and mental state. I love you and I always will and I think about you every day and my failure with you is what is helping me to become a better stronger man…Im Sorry.

The past few years we have lost everything, I’m broke loosing the house as i type this and because of my bad choices I now owe the IRS ca-thousands of dollars. This is because of my poor negligence with the IRA's and dispensing the money to people that needed it . I struggle just to put food in our mouths on a daily basis and spend most of my time in hospitals and doctors offices. But as terrible position I'm in   I SMILE EVERY DAY and try and try to make things better and help others in the process. I NEVER FORGET EVERY DAY THAT YOU WAKE UP IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO MOVE FORWARD. and there are always people worse off than you.

Forgive me followers if my post are sporadic and inconsistent. I love blogging and I appreciate you interest and loyalty. I’m doing my best but I have a lot on my plate and must try to get myself out of this huge hole I have dug. Survival is day to day with me now and testing every bit of my mental strength. My true love of survival and prepping has been put to a halt for a while. I will keep on this and update this blog as much as psychically possible.
Thank you.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Are we a Race Worth Saving

As survivalist and preppers we often see the evils and slow crumbling of society and politics. Usually from a perspective that most tend to ignore or just don't understand at all. I have watched many many evils and disasters in my forty plus years of existence. Seen hatred, violence, vanity and greed on levels that sometimes bring tears to my eyes.

Fear and violence have become part of the norm in everyday life it seems. The Media pushes these issues in a manner that represents a high end marketing campaign. Media Reform  has become a important and on going venue in the activist toolbox in recent years. War, destruction greed and fear are an open door to mass profit. Watching a terrorist attack or disaster on tv has most people pinned to their seats (great for commercial spots).

Ok so what does all this mean. In order to have an audience you must have good material to keep things interesting. Well guess what, humans are hard coded to supply the best performances on Earth.

Truth of the matter is destruction, hate, natural disaster ect ect has been going on since the beginning of man itself and even before our existence. There was this thing called The Ice Age. I've been told that would have made for a great news coverage spot.

It is human nature to fear death but with life there must always be death.The bad always proceeds the good. Truth is that good deeds and just normal nice behavior is less exciting. We are responsible for bringing the good to the forefront and getting rid of the bad trend. We are the hope for our species. With all the bullshit, hard times and fucked up attitudes kicking around it is hard.

I literally have to tell myself to do something positive every day. What makes it even harder is that we may not even see the results of our deeds. So On this valentines day (kiss ass to get love day) besides the normal flowers gifts ect ect just say hi to someone you dislike and then curse them out in your head. or help a stranger out (safely though) You never know you might feel better about yourself.