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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Reading The Cards

Tomorrow, oh tomorrow... Sometimes I fear waking up from a nights sleep, Not knowing if this new day will be worse than the last. What cards shall I be dealt, what evils shall I face.

 This Is a battle that we face every day. I am not alone in this situation nor shall I ever be. The Joker is the card of deceit a character that has been the focus of many films, plays and books for decades.More often than not it seems that lots of us are getting dealt a bad hand in these times.

In many card games the Joker can be a disaster and cause havoc and failure. Yet in some games it is the key to success and triumph. Getting dealt a bad hand doesn't always have to mean your Screwed.

So what the heck does this mean for the survivalist or prepper? (sorry I'm trying not to curse because I dropped a few big f bombs in my last few Fuckin posts).  Don't want to piss off the good god fairing folks..

Thinking ahead and using whatever tools or resources you have available and adapting is a major key to survival. Turning junk into jewelry, water into wine, sh**# into Shineola ect, ect. Military and groups or AGENCY'S have been using a related tactic against more powerful enemies for ages.

Strength in its self creates pride and security which in turn creates negligence and weakness. The Vietnam War was a perfect example of this in some ways. Instead of feeling defeat the week are often forced to re adapt by using that weakness as a weapon.

Getting a joker can be a gift but we may just have to evaluate our hand and wait for the right opportunity to  benefit from it.Choosing to see setbacks as an open window for progress can make anyone a more prolific leader. Look at the situation from many different angles if possible get different opinions. Try your best to think logically and use feelings as a reference and not a puppeteer.
Negativity can lead to lack of effort, Lack of effort can in turn lead to loss of will. Loss of will may ultimately lead to Defeat.

Surviving is keeping the mind open to choices and changing the outcome of the game. Being a great survivalist can in turn make for a better prepper and vise-verse.

No matter the hand you have been dealt its how you choose to play the cards that may win the game when SHTF.


The Belief that the world gets better that humans can improve the world.

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