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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Help Them Survive

IDEA!! : Spoiling your kids because U have issues with the way U were raised or struggled and want parental points. Its The absolute dumbest thing YOU can do. It creates addictive dependency behavior.

Then when they grow up and can't function in Real Life because they expect hand outs and waiter services (It may be to late then).Suffering (within reason) is growth.

Every success story has struggle behind it and a need for change. Be there for your siblings to help them when they fall. Educate them on the right way to complete the tasks ahead of them and get back in the race. But winning the race for them is depriving them of the learning process. Teach them to survive, you will give them a lifetime of experience. Needs and wants are a catalyst for creativity and growth. Prematurely taking away those needs destroys the creative process. It is hard to watch the people you love struggle. Yet it will be even harder to watch them fail because they were deprived of the tools for success.

Our mind and body is an incredible survival mechanism that heightens our abilities and performance when needed (oil the machine). let it  serve its purpose for f#ck$ sake. Its not that the Struggle is Real.. Its the #STRUGGLE THAT MAKES YOU REAL.

K.L.J 2016

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