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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Flint, Michigan: Neglected because city is black, poor? - CNN.com

Flint, Michigan: Neglected because city is black, poor? - CNN.com

Please don't give me an excuse...look get a grip people this is really about poverty and if you watch the video questioning the former mayor. You will notice the part about the car factory (and how they quickly changed the water options for them). The fact is your government only gives a shit about people that can produce and benefit them and the mega wealthy that control it.

Yes race may be an issue here but that goes way back to a time when our laws were created for whites by whites. The way the voting demographic and the electrical grid are set up is based on where the Black communities where tactically located and placed...IE (when the lights go out power would be restored to the minority areas last)

Yes I said placed, back in the days just after slavery. Its Called a demographic grouping tactic. Control a group of people by structurally and financially funneling them in to controlled locations(Search: Population Dynamics). Now these same tactics have been ported over for use of financial stature . So try not to focus on the racial part of this and just realize that our wonderful government has been using US (meaning everyone) like pawns pretty much since the beginning
Yes the mayor fucked up but to his credit the deciding order, funding, barriers ect came from higher up and were probably set in stone long before he even got in office I'm sure. He is just a pawn as well.

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