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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Here is a link to a great site Global Incident Map. I check this frequently. Personally I'm not sure how accurate it is so please don't hammer me with questions (as I find out more info i will update this post). The Site has links to disease outbreak maps, HAZMAT and Forestfires and others. This link will be at the bottom of my page permanently as well. Anyone who can attest to the validity of these maps please post a comment, or send me an email thanks.

I received a very informative email from Morgan Clements at Global Incident Map responding to this post and explaining their sources and tools. After speaking with Morgan I have a much better understanding of their services. This is a great company and I am looking forward to seeing what they in-store for the future.

The Email is listed below :

Hi Kyle,

Just a quick note to say thank you for mentioning us in your blog, and linking to us.

Your blog post asked about the validity of the maps. We are probably a bit biased J

However, the maps are primarily populated with data from open-source media, which in this case mostly means news reports. With each item on the maps we give credit to the originating author/publisher, and point the user to the actual article on the news website where they can go read it in full if desired.  It could be CNN, or Fox, Xinhua in China or BBC in the UK, or any other news media from anywhere in the world.  We are also a-political, with no particular agenda or any political advertising, we have no grants or other outside funding other than subscription revenue and ad revenue, with only one of our maps requiring a paid subscription and the rest being free public services.  Two of our maps bring in data from various governments, the earthquakes map and forest fires maps, in which case we are mostly populating the maps with that data that is provided by USGS or similar agencies throughout the world. We’ve been mapping terrorism events since 2006 and the other maps have been created somewhere along the way since. We also have quite a number of new maps planned for release within the next couple of months.

I don’t normally check out every blog that mentions us but the name of yours intrigued me. It looks like you are a bit of a prepper/survivalist, with an interest in psychology, and in those areas we share a common interest.

Feel free to keep in touch, thanks again for the mention and link, and best of luck to you.

Kindest regards,
Morgan Clements
Publisher GlobalIncidentMap.com

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