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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Prepping to Getting Along With Others

This article is a short introduction to Steps to Surviving With Others.
It will be followed by a step by step on methods to finding the right support groups.

Getting along with other people is a Major part of securing your mental and physical survival. Yes people suck there are some serious assholes running around (ok a lot of them). The point is to figure out why they act the way they do. Even though some of those great survival movies and hardcore Doomsday Prepper shows may make you feel you can go solo. In a true end of days type situation you probably cant make it on your own.

Ive been prepping for over 20 years but I am aware that all the guns and Amo in the world is not going to do the job if I'm going it alone. You Will Eventually Be Overtaken By Zombies or Organized Groups. This includes whatever may be left of our government trying to restore order.

Everyone has something in common no matter how small it may be. Weather its that you like the same kind of food or your kids are the same age. By all means be cautious of who you engage with or your friend may turn out to be your enemy (trust me I've learned my lesson the hard way).

As a survival minded person my goal is to; One figure out what we have in common and Two if any of our things in common are usable resources for survival. Third is to figure out how to make things work with minimal conflict and high production and proficiency. This should be treated almost like a marriage in my mind.

Having family as your support is great and is usually a given aspect of being a prepper. If we drawl the line there we are putting restrictions on our resources and growth. In the following month I will share methods that help me to figure out my family's needs and how to utilize them to incorporate the assistance of other people.

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