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Monday, March 31, 2014

General Intro

The economy is in a very tough state right now in the United States. This and many many other catalyst has made people change their attitudes and way of living. Times are Ruff, yes every generation throughout history has said that. (Because I am an American currently living in the U.S. I will only give my opinion on the conditions, situations and state of mind of people living here.)

Many people believe that the conditions in this Era are the worst its ever been. The Doomsday Clock is at the highest point ever.

Its so tough now that many people have become numb and or given up on life and the pursuit of happiness in general.  I cant tell you how many times a week i think about living on a desert island or in a rain-forest somewhere.

Photograph by Sergio Pitamitz

This looks great! Not because of the crystal clear water or the beautiful rock formations or even the patches of green plant life. There's no people..Um why not me! This brings me to what i really want to talk about in this article. Yeah the weather is increasingly getting worse and yeah the polar ice caps are starting to melt ect ect. Ultimately i believe it will be us that does this place in and humanity along with it. 

Its been said in many movies Terminator 2 being one of my favorites that we are genetically pre-encoded for our own demise. I don't know about the genetics part so much but i know that we are certainly weak to greed  and hate.

We built this volcano of greed and now it may be to late to reverse the process of destruction.
Surprisingly enough I actually like most people (until they start talking). 

There is a saying that a friend of mine used that i really like "There are people that get it and there are people that never will." This saying can be applied to many different situations and in many different ways.
Here is what it means to me. 
Some people are perfectly fine living in their own world. All they need is what they own and their surroundings. In other words they have no interest in anything that goes on around them unless it directly effects them.

On the other foot, their are people who look at the big picture and absorb and take in the world as a whole. A realization or recognition of cause and effect


How you perceive cause and effect is a choice and may be determined by that persons surroundings and history. In its own way, Choice of cause and effect is a subconscious survival  mechanism.

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