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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Choices Of an Open Mind

Two of these have something very important in common see if u can figure out what it is. There are many possible answer... 

Posted by Kyle Johnson on Thursday, February 4, 2016

This post is also a look into the way we perceive things. Some will think of the woman and man first. Many however will look at Race as their first observation. Some may even go as far as putting together the idea of an interracial couple with children (trust me it happened more than you think) many to the point of being offended .Some will look at the expressions of the individuals and others the age groups.
The way we first perceive and judge images based on a question gives great incite on who we are and how we have learned. To help understand or own judgments and reasons for our decisions is a vital part of developing our mental survival capabilities. So read the greatest book you have ever written (Your Mind) and read each chapter to help decide and possibly change the ending.

The Answer Is the babies, they are un-tainted and un -biased in the way they learn they have a clean slate / canvas. This ability has open doors that will also affect the outcome of their Adult lives. In conjunction the adults have the ability to teach the young and help forms the circle of life. So open your mind and teach well so you don't destroy the canvas for future generations of artist creators, teachers, leaders and survivors.

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