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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Home Security Tactics 101 Video Review

Ok lets talk about this...Always know your sources obviously this is coming from a company that makes a profit off of selling alarm systems.

  • (Please Research) Professional Burglary 

This particular video focuses on what they call professional burglary. First and foremost before spending mega bucks on security. Figure out what you are protecting against. Checking your local statistics for crime in your neighborhood is a great first step. professional burglary in my area is very rare. 
I live in the city on one of the major cross streets. The houses in my neighborhood are very close to each other. This makes burglary harder to achieve in my area. In most cases this type of crime takes some planning. Usually scoping out to see when the house is empty and easy access to goods. On average these people do not want conflict they want a clean in and out scenario. Having a house full of weapons doesn't help if your not there to use them.  Great lighting and well secured doors and windows help deter this type of Robbery. For professional burglary, alarm systems are great and dogs are even better.   

Statistically most professional burglars are armed with a handgun. But remember they are not after you they are after your stuff. Getting home and realizing you are being Robbed is by no means a reason to play the hero to save your new 60 inch T.V. Just because you have your trusty side arm with you. Your Shit can be replaced, your life can't. 

Ninety percent of the time a vehicle will be used to remove hardware from the residence. If you can find it and take down a description and plate number if its hasn't been removed.  Also any other information needed to give the authorities. Silently call them, the element of surprise can work in your favor here. Every home is different and you know yours best. Take time in planning whats best for you to prevent this type of crime. 

  • (Please Research) Home Invasion

This is probably the worst and most dangerous of all the burglary scenarios. A very large percentage of these are drug related in my area. This is a forced entry situation. Regularly the individual or individuals intend to use force to achieve their goal. Usually in search of money, drugs, guns or things of value to support a habit or addiction of some sort. 

This in my book is a desperation move making it top level on the danger scale. Desperate people do dangerous things. People involved in home invasions are always armed and intend to use possibly lethal force. Lighting a good dog and firearms may save your life or prevent the intrusion altogether. Knowing when you may have the upper hand could be the key to your success. 

I will not go to in depth on decision making for Home Invasions. Each one is different, could be an individual or multiple armed intruders. You Know the layout of your home and your family strengths and weaknesses. If you don't, start to learn them well. Intimidation and fear is almost always the intent therefor knowing how others in your household will react may make things easier and help get them through the attack safely.  Teaching your family or friends code words may be helpful also. 

It is never a good idea to depend on one thing for your home safety and security. Knowledge is the key. I frequently have conversations with my sons about home security and what they should and should not do.

Even the bad guys experience fear during dangerous and intense situations . It's because of this that quite a few fatality's occur in a home invasion. The more comfortable and in control that the intruders feel the more likely they are to let their guard down some and it may give you an opportunity. No ladies That doesn't mean offer them coffee and a sandwich.  Please remember the object is to survive!!

In a SHTF situation the game changes drastically and there may be a long term loss of power in which case alarm systems will be useless. Anarchy and chaos calls for much more drastic measures. Yet learning to deal and be prepared for a home invasion is definitely a stepping stone in the right direction. I will cover SHTF security in a separate and much more in depth blog entry.  

Below I have included a playlist of home security tactics that I felt were relevant for this entry. This list will grow and I will include a permanent link to it at the bottom of this blog. This is not a list of the best weapons for home defense. That is a totally different subject and there are millions of articles and videos available on it.

Video number ten is a list of guard dogs. The order of the list is the personal opinion of the submitter. I have trained many different breeds of dogs for home security over the years. Including a handful included in the video. Finding the proper dog for your specific environment and needs is crucial, both for you and the animal.

Do not just get a dog bread for protection without proper training and experience! An untrained or miss treated dog of the caliber that are listed here can be disastrous to you  your friends or your family if you don't know what your doing. In my opinion Dogs are one of the best security tools you can have and also a loving friend. Yet if handled incorrectly its just as dangerous as a loaded gun.  


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